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Our design team has over 40 years of extensive experience in providing precision metering pumps and subsystems for applications in many process industries.

In addition to our standard line of In Barrel Metering Pumps (IBMP), Iris offers
design and engineering capabilities which allow users to customize these
versatile IBMP pumps to meet specific applications.

Iris can incorporate proven Gerotor Technology into unique metering and/or pumping configurations. These application specific pumps deliver the combined benefits of both  proven gerotor features (submersible, sealless, accurate, pulseless, precision metering) with Iris Engineering’s capabilities for specialty pump design and applications support.

Gerotor Technology Provides Accurate Fluid Metering
The gerotor is a positive displacement mechanism comprised of an "inner" external toothed element driving an "outer" internal toothed element. The inner element has one less tooth than the outer and has its centerline positioned at a fixed eccentricity from the centerline of the outer element. The pump's displacement is a function of the inner and outer dimensions and the amount of eccentricity between the elements.

As fluid enters the inlet port it fills the chamber between the two elements (see 0°illustration). Both elements rotate clockwise and successive chambers are filled. When the inner element is at 120°, the fluid is rotated away from the inlet and as the chamber contracts, a precise amount of fluid is forced out of the outlet port. The dots on the inner and outer gerotor elements show the relatively low velocity between them for one full shaft revolution. This relative motion is one tooth per revolution. The illustration also shows that the gerotor pump fills through a full 210° of shaft rotation. 

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