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Customized Metering Pumps

Customized Metering Pumps

Iris Engineering designs and builds pumps to suit specific applications. For specialized flow requirements or OEM applications, contact Iris Engineering’s design team.

Design Capabilities

Iris has twenty-five years of experience in the design of fluid metering devices and fluid metering systems. Iris’ focus is primarily on submersible, sealless metering pumps but also includes expertise with materials of construction, seal types including conventional packing and lip seals, mechanical seals and magnetically coupled pumps. Iris also has system design and fabrication capability for small skid mounted fluid related processes such as mixing and heat transfer as well as metering.

Technical Options

Iris technical capabilities include gerotor and gear pump design as well as drive and control integration. Materials of construction can be steel, alloy, ceramic, carbon graphite and others. Our staff has more than 25 years of experience designing fluid metering pumps and systems. Iris welcomes the opportunity to design pumps to suit specific customer requirements.


When a Standard IBMP  Does Not Meet Your Needs,
Iris Can Customize Special Pumps For Your Application.

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