Typical Applications/Pumping Configurations

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 Capabilities for Application-Specific Pump Design

Iris also designs and builds special pump configurations that include accessory equipment such as tanks, mixers, flowmeters, heat exchangers, etc. Our focus is on metering pump systems that center on low flow, close control requirements.

Examples of Unique Pump Designs:

A. Ink Marking Systems: Iris has designed and built a liquid ink metering system to continuously meter and apply ink to strip steel which is formed into armored cable. Iris supplies a skid mounted system which includes agitated vessel, metering pump, proportional encoder, dispense head and speed control with ratio capability.

B. Two Component Urethane System: Iris has designed and built a two component system to meter isocyanate and polyol which is then applied to a rotary mold in the production of urethane rollers. The two pumps are tied electronically to provide variable but accurate and repeatable flowrates in ratio.

C. Single Component Tote Tank Mounted Pump System: Iris has designed and built a specialized high flow pump to dispense chemicals for enhanced oil production in the oil fields. This pump system is integrated in a truck mounted tote tank and utilizes a hydraulic motor as a prime mover. Flow is controlled by a DCS supervisory control connected to an exit flowmeter. Pump efficiency is verified by a motor mounted encoder.

Iris Engineering designs and builds pumps to suit specific applications.

For specialized flow requirements or OEM applications, contact Iris Engineering’s design team.  

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